Career Interview


What is a career interview?

A career interview is your chance as a student to establish closer contact with a business representative in a more relaxed environment. During 20 minutes you will have the opportunity to have an individual conversation with a business representative from a company that you are interested in. The conversation is held in smaller group rooms at Ekonomikum during the fair days. As a student, you can use the time to find out more about the company, what career opportunities are available and tell more about yourself and what kind of job you are looking for. A career interview is not a job interview, it is more of a relaxed conversation that gives students and business representatives an opportunity to have a chat with each other.



  • The application period opens​ – Tuesday October 8th at 08.00.

  • Publication of companies to apply for​ – Every Monday – October 14th – October 21 – October 28 – we will publish new companies to apply for. Updates will also be posted atFacebook and Instagram.

  • New for this year​ – Some companies offer career interviews in English. For more information, see the application website.
  • When – Career interviews will be held at Ekonomikum during the fair days November 20-21.

  • The application period closes​ – The application period for career interviews to Kontaktdagarna 2019 closes Monday 4th of November at 23:59.


To submit your application:

  1. Visit this website:

    a) Scroll down to read about companies that offers career interviews.

  2. Create an account by using your email address and a password.

    a) If you want to become a member of Student Node (not mandatory), fill in the box. Being a member means you will receive updates of career opportunities in the future.

  3. Upload your resumé and answer the questions.

    a) Note: If you also want to attach an English version of your resumé, it needs to be in the same PDF as the Swedish version, since you only can upload ONE (1) file.

  4. Scroll through the companies that offer career interviews and choose which ones you want to apply for.

  5. Submit your application by pressing “like” and attach your cover letter to the company you want to apply for. If you apply to several companies, you like each one of them and attach your cover letter to every company you apply to. In that way you can adapt your cover letter for every application.

    a) You can apply for career interviews to a maximum of 8 companies.
    b) You can accept a maximum of 4 career interviews.

  6. Keep an eye on your email inbox for instructions on how to answer and accept a career interview offer.



  • The companies choose the students they want to offer career interviews to out of the applications.

  • Career interview offers will be sent out between November 7-14. Your response is MANDATORY if you want to have the career interview you ́ve been offered. You submit your answer by a form that is linked in the e-mail. Instructions on how to answer will also be in the e-mail you get.

  • You will receive when and where information about your career interview later.


Dates to keep in mind

  • ​Application opens​: October 8th 08:00

  • Application closes​: November 4th 23:59

  • Between ​November 7-14​, you will get a response by e-mail.

  • Deadline to accept a career interview:​ 15th of November 23:59.

  • Career interviews will be held at Ekonomikum ​November 20-21

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding career interviews, don’t hesitate to contact Felicia at


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