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Welcome to Kontaktdagarna, Sweden’s largest career fair arranged for students studying business and economics, systems science and media and communication. We exist to help students who are about to graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree to find their first job. Due to the current world situation this year’s fair will be a bit different. This year we can offer you as company:

Stand at Borgen

Our association premises is called Borgen and is a centre for our students. Would you as a company want to hang out in our lounge or offer our students a lighter lunch here, you are more than welcome to do so.


For maximum exposure among our students Kontaktdagarna offers companies the feasibility to hold lectures. This is a perfect opportunity to either present your company in-depth and reach out with your messages to a larger audience or raise another topic of your choice. Do you and your company have something that you want to say – say it!

Workshop / Case solution

Our creative students offer innovative solutions to your persistent problems. A workshop or a case solution can effectively bring new perspectives into your operations. Challenge big and small problems with us to find ground breaking solutions – while working together with students.

Career Interviews

A career interview is your chance to establish a closer contact with top students that your company have picked out in advance. During 20 minutes you will have the opportunity to have individual conversations with students that you find particularly interesting, in a relaxed environment. The purpose of a career interview is to further deepen the connection between students and companies. This year you will have the opportunity to have career interviews either digitally through Zoom, or physically at campus Ekonomikum.

Evening activities

During a casual mingle or a more put-up dinner, you are offered an opportunity to spend an entire evening with a smaller group of students. We are able to arrange a gasque in typical Uppsala spirit, for your company only, or a few companies gathered. If there is interest to arrange an evening activity of your choice, we encourage you to contact us for further details of arrangements and price suggestions.


Through Uppsalaekonomernas and Kontaktdagarnas Instagram and Facebook we offer several opportunities for publicity. This could be anything from an ad to a take-over, where our followers can accompany you on a day at the office. At we can also help you post a premium ad to our career portal or send out an email to all our 2500 members

Business host

All companies attending the fair will be assigned a company specific business host. This host will be there to help you as a company before, during and after the fair.


During extended events, Kontaktdagarna will offer your company representatives a meal.


For companies attending the fair, we will offer transportation within Uppsala.


Are you interested in participating in Kontaktdagarna 2020, have any questions about this year’s edition or want to know more about how we work with Covid-19? If so, you are more than welcome to contact our Project Manager with corporate responsibility, Felicia Ottosson. +46(0)73 – 687 80 49.