Kontaktdagarna was arranged for the first time in 1983 with the aim of increasing the interaction between students and companies in order to make it easier for students stepping into the working world.

The fair has from the project start in 1983 been visited by exciting companies, inspirational lectures and career-seeking students during two days in January, but 2018 Kontaktdagarna was moved to November.

Today, Kontaktdagarna is Sweden’s largest career fair for students studying economics, systems science and media and communication science. The fair, which is organized by Uppsalaekonomerna, is the association’s single largest project and since 2019 Uppsala Systemvetare and Uppsala Medievetare are co-organizers.

The association Uppsalaekonomerna

The association Uppsalaekonomerna is a non-profit student union for business and economics students at Uppsala University. The association has over 2,500 members, of which about 350 are actively involved in various projects of Uppsalaekonomerna. All this makes the union being Uppsala ́s largest and one of Sweden’s largest business and economics unions.

Uppsalaekonomerna ́s activities are divided into three pillars: leisure, future and studies where the primary purpose is to monitor and improve education at Uppsala University. Uppsalaekonomerna are located at Borgen, a large pink house located at Ekonomikum parken. Being a member of Uppsalaekonomerna is the perfect way to kickstart your student life where you can get in touch with companies, develop your resume and have a wonderful student time.

Uppsala Universitet

Uppsala university is one of Sweden’s oldest universities- founded in 1477. The university has about 40 000 students who are visible, heard and noticed everywhere in the city. At Uppsala University, world-leading research and first-class education are conducted for global benefit to society, business and culture. The university is characterized by its diversity and breadth with international cutting-edge research within nine faculties and a wide range of education at undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels.