Do you want to know more about the exhibiting companies during Kontaktdagarna? Do you want the chance to win fine prizes? If so, Kontaktkampen may be the thing for you!

Kontaktkampen is a quiz competition that runs during the fair days and gives you the opportunity to learn more about some of the companies. It will be going on from monday to thursday, and is held on a web application, which is linked further down. The participants with the most correct answers will have a chance to win fine prizes.

The competition will be held in swedish this year, so if you want to participate and need any help, send an email to the Head of IT.




  • NOCCO: Two boxes of NOCCO
  • Waldor watches: A watch and a bracelet
  • Exsitec: a visit to Exsitec’s office in Uppsala, including lunch with one of our colleagues
  • SEB: a visit to SEB’s office in Solna, with a guided tour and an informative interview
  • Enkla kassen: Giftcard for a grocery bag
  • Campus 1477: A one-year subscription

Participating companies


The students with the most correct answers will get to chose between the prizes, and if several students have the same amount of correct answers there will be a lottery between them.

The winners will be contacted when the competitions is over.