Project group of Kontaktdagarna

Project Managers

Felicia Ottosson

Project Manager with Corporate Responsibility

+46 (0)736878049

Louise Pettersson

Project Manager with Financial Responsibility

+46 (0)709493752

Group of Corporate Relations

Axel Widebeck

Head of Corporate Relations

Darian Garmiani

Corporate Relations with Sponsor Responsibility

Ebba Johansson

Corporate Relations with Lecture Responsibility

Elin Voksepp

Corporate Relations

Isak Engström

Corporate Relations

Sara Persson

Corporate Relations

Andrea Nyberg

Corporate Relations

Rasmus Huldt

Corporate Relations

Group of Marketing

Vigdis Brudvik

Head of Marketing

Emelie Frank

Art Director

Emmeli Nyblom


Christoffer Wrigmar

Head of IT

Group of Fair

Jennifer Forsberg

Head of Logistics

Julia Landin

Vice Head of Logistics with Sustainability Responsibility

Jenny Hamrén

Head of HR

Agnes Söderqvist

Head of Career Interviews

Group of Events

Vendela Jurland

Head of Events

Roy Österborg

Vice Head of Events