The career fair Kontaktdagarna works actively to inform and encourage all stakeholders, such as visitors, coworkers and companies, to work for a sustainable future. With around
3000 visitors, 60 companies and 150 coworkers, we believe it is important to take a stand and work for a more sustainable event.

The vision of Kontaktdagarna is an ongoing sustainable fair that works actively to include sustainability as a natural part of the entire project, from start to finish. For this year’s fair, we have invested even more in including all dimensions of sustainability, both environmental, social, ethical and economic.

A large part of our environmental sustainability work involves recycling and minimizing our disposable material. But here we need some extra help. We encourage both exhibitors and visitors, to have sustainability in mind during the fair. Please recycle and minimize the use of disposal material. The recycling stations will be clearly marked out.
Thanks for your help!